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Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Survival Part 3: Diamonds, Lava & People

Survival Part 3: Diamonds, Lava & People of the Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition that grants you the power of having a console and mobile version of Minecraft.

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Minecraft Nintendo Switch survival gameplay guide with the first part of my journey collecting Iron, making an island survival house and then going on my way.

It was nice to venture back to the less graphically powerful version of the game to play with some others that have added my on the console and to then collect some more diamonds while dancing lava. There are other subscribers in the game too!

The world I’ve created is located on a lonely island and I’m looking for others to join me in my #Minecraft Nintendo Switch series. The game takes the popular console version of the crafting game and makes it portable or dockable as you enjoy 60fps Nintendo gameplay. It’s an intense version of the game having similar settings to the other versions while being its own thing.

This has certainly changed the way I play the game with the Joy-Cons being surprisingly well suited for it despite some issues with the control layout for swimming and moving around. Building blocks is fun and it’s nice to see the console get one of the biggest games so early in its lifespan from 4J Studios and Microsoft Studios with Mojang being the overall anchor of the two. It'll be great with the "Better Together" update featuring cross-play of this version of the game with all the others.