The Medium Walkthrough

Walkthrough of The Medium which is a narrative driven psychological thriller with a horror atmosphere following a woman named Marianne discovering a dark past. It's on Xbox Series X/S and PC platforms.

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The Medium is an intense psychological thriller that follows Marianne as she’s drawn to this dark, tragic location in order to figure out what exactly has happened. It’ll dive through a deep set of secrets, and one expansive narrative that will keep you guessing the whole way from start to finish. It has an atmosphere of horror, while also challenging players with a series of puzzles that are sprinkled throughout.

There’s also a lock combination to get and some mirrors to use along the way. This should be a great surprise for players as they uncover the many hidden secrets and work their way through this gripping story. It’s definitely got some interesting edges to it, and a decent amount of game time too with this run being five hours to completion.

It’s heavily cinematic as well, with extra stories and this guide covers all of the memory shards that are present within the game. It also presents gathering many of the collectibles hidden throughout the game as well. This is definitely packed with content, and one enchanting time the whole way through. From Bloober Team this brings the franchise to gaming on some of the modern platforms. This includes Xbox Series X/S and PC.