Alien Hominid Invasion Pax Online 2020 Preview

September 12, 2020 at 4:58pm
By Jason Stettner

The all out attack on Earth is back on. Alien Hominid Invasion throws you back onto the surface of the planet blasting away agents while collecting important intel. You’ll be roaming around alone, or in a cooperative way if you’d like since it features four player local and online coop.

During Pax Online I was able to try out the demo and get an idea of what this title provides. It’s honestly just complete mayhem as you’re working freely through an area in order to reach the enemy’s headquarters. During each of the missions you’re attempting to complete objectives.

These range from taking out particular enemies, to collecting info and even finding strange items. You’ll be hopping, diving and blasting away anything in your path while completing these goals. They really have some neat control options here, even ground blasting to go higher.
Alien Hominid Invasion Screenshot
It looks gorgeous visually and the screen is just packed with chaos. There are jetpacking enemies, some hopping along the ground and some floating machine orbs. There’s a lot to deal with, and it’s quite fun to see in action. It keeps that visual aesthetic that the Behemoth is known for, alongside their hilarious edge.

Their games are always funny, and it’s great to see that special vibe carry forward in this one. It’s really neat and after completing your goals you’ll try to extract from an area. That throws you onto a decently large map and you’ll have to move through it in certain ways in order to progress. It’s an interesting setup, and a fairly distinct title.

I’m very much looking forward to the full showcase of what this game will provide. It’s got some elements of modifying the experience further in levels, difficulty options for the hardcore or friendly type of player out there and some options to buy some in-game adjustments to your creature. There are tons of unique weapons and tweaks to make here in order to really mutate that alien further. It was a neat look at the game, and I’m definitely excited to see the full release of this one.

It was certainly more gory and fast paced than I had anticipated when looking into this one. It was definitely a blast to play, and a very unique offering for the group that still felt totally on brand. I mean, it is a sequel after all so I suppose that was expected for it. Be sure to check out our Pax Online 2020 hub for additional coverage from the event in regards to the games, previews and interviews we’ll be showcasing.

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