Call of Duty Mobile

Release Date: October 1, 2019
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: Activision
Developer: TiMi Studios

Call of Duty Mobile brings the entire multiplayer experience of the franchise together in one package. Compete against others in a robust competitive multiplayer that features elements from all of the core titles. Whether that's Modern Warfare, Black Ops or the spin-offs. Then there's the massive Black battle royale to try and loot in order to survive the longest. Finally there's the cooperative zombies mode. Survive alone, or work in a group of four as you collect items that will assist you as you attempt to work through hordes of undead zombies.

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Review Score: X/10
Install Size: X GB
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First Person Shooter
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Experience the best of multiplayer from the Call of Duty franchise in one complete free to play package that includes competitive pvp, battle royale and zombies action.

Online Coop: 4 Players
Online Multiplayer: 1-10 Players
Online Multiplayer Battle Royale: 1-100 Players

Microtransactions, Battle Pass