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Top 10 Worst Movies 2018

It has certainly been a decent year for watching films though with so many interesting and perhaps even average movies, there are some that are absolutely awful. There were so many this year in fact, that this is split between overall and theatrical releases. This listing is the overall worst films of 2018. We've sat through each of these movies during the year of 2018 and have included our original reviews with each so you can get an idea of the quality at play.

These are just some awful efforts and most likely ones you should just forget ever even released. While we enjoy watching films, these ones make it tough. Here are the Top 10 Worst Movies of 2018, reviewed and viewed by the site. First off, special mentions to Paradox and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle which just didn't quite make the cut.

#10: Holmes & Watson

A late entry, this spoof-like film should have never hit the theater. While there are minor sparks of the duo's past works this release is just bad. It isn't funny, the characters are terrible and it carries a very weak plot. It's basically taking an interesting detective and then making them beyond useless. Awful film.
The Holmes & Watson Review

#9: Ahockalypse

The premise of this one is actually rather appealing, at least to me being Canadian. The film itself is a mess, you would think a zombie hockey apocalypse would be neat. Instead, it's a random series of events with plot points that don't make sense and you're not really sure what anything is in this. Characters vanish, things happen and you go on with your life after I guess.
The Ahockalypse Review

#8: President Evil

This is a parody of Halloween to a degree, but with the current President of the United States. It's a rather strange film that really points out the political problems in today's climate. It's also a rather bad film despite having an interesting moment or two. It's basically everything you would expect this to be.
The President Evil Review
Death Kiss Movie

#7: The Dawnseeker

This was a weird one, constant changes of the picture lighting and awful CGI to match. It's a futuristic type situation which is cool, they lean into the sci-fi elements. With that, they shouldn't have shot laser guns as it looks bad. The story is all over the place despite having a simple premise.
The Dawnseeker Review

#6: Stratton

Very generic, horrible action film with an overly predictable plot. This one kicked off the year and not on a good note. It wasn't well done, the characters weren't interesting and it didn't display action in a very interesting way.
The Stratton Review

#5: Maximum Impact

A girl gets somewhat kidnapped in Russia, bunches of various people do various things to get her back. Or well, most of them don't as they have no importance to the narrative. It's just a random series of chases and attempts at comedic moments. I'm not sure what they were aiming for in tone, it didn't deliver.
The Maximum Impact Review

Bonehill Road Movie

#4: Bad Apples

Two young girls go around killing people, that's it. No seriously, there's nothing to this. It starts weird, it ends weird. It's not well shot, the acting isn't great and the it makes minimal sense. I recall the costumes being fine, other than that it really doesn't serve any purpose.
The Bad Apples Review

#3: Death Kiss

Revenge film with horrible acting and a plot that makes no sense. One guy just walks around shooting people as some random tank of a character. There are boring side portions that take place outside of the action that aren't great and it's just generally a mess. Poorly put together, lacks a cohesive plot and is just random nonsense.
The Death Kiss Review

#2: Supercon

Considering some decent cast members it's a bit odd that this one turned out so awful. It's just bad, and really awkward for the most part. It's hard to really go into details on this one, but it's beyond generic and not at all enjoyable.
The Supercon Review

#1: Bonehill Road

This is actually the lowest scored film on the site at this current point. It has terrible acting, bad characters and a narrative that makes no sense. There are werewolves, then a serial killer and it's just awful. How I sat through this one, I don't know.
The Bonehill Road Review

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