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Warcraft is historically a long running strategy series from Blizzard. It’s since grown in many ways with the widely loved and known World of Warcraft MMORPG that continues to grow over time. This series has deep lore in a timeless battle across distinct locations with various races being a part of this that are splintered into multiple factions.

It’s a conflict that continues to develop whether you’re taking control of forces to battle in a classic style of game, or taking on the role of a particular class to then battle for your faction within the larger creation of WOW. It’s all about playing how you want with PVP, PVE and of course narrative driven moments as well.

Stunning cinematics typically mark the games, with high levels of quality and style to each of the experiences. It’s a series that has been around for a long time in gaming, and continues to thrive over the years.