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Xbox Avatar Store Hub showing all the latest Items; Reviews Videos, Articles and Information on the latest iteration of the Avatar on Xbox One and Windows 10


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Xbox Insider Shirt 2018

Xbox Insider Shirt 2018


Skycaptin5 Avatar

Windows 10 Avatar Editor Now Live

Skycaptin5 Avatar

Xbox One Avatar Store Now Available

Fortnite Battle Royale Gameplay

The Xbox Avatar Store on Xbox One and Windows 10 brings a completely revamped offering of custom characters for players to show off their personality. This follows the retirement of the Xbox 360 avatars and a moved towards this more realistic design. Create either gender of your choice and then customize with differing types of body formations, as well as clothing. This particular area focuses on the Xbox Avatar Store whether that's with clothing, props or costumes that can be purchased. Even rare limited items that are given away can be found here. This will be updated with the collection and news on these fun animated characters found across various Microsoft devices. All items are shown with the "Skycaptin5" male avatar.