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Anthem Javelin Exosuit: Colossus

Anthem Javelin Exosuit: Colossus details and information for this Avatar item that can be purchased to wear from the Xbox Avatar Store. This item costs $0.00 to purchase and can be worn/used with any gender of character. This item falls under the "Outfits" section of the store and it is within the "Anthem" collection. It can be found visually below with our typical display avatar of "Skycaptin5" which is also the writer of the article. Additional clothing items can be viewed within the store hub which is linked below.

Description: This EA “Lakshya” Anthem Javelin Exosuit: Colossus is designed so that your avatar can get down into the action with this massive, heavy suit. This makes them what we'd define as a common item. This is the basic style the game is well known for with no additional colors that can be edited. This is available for free so that anyone can purchase it. This costume is based on the example Javelin for this style of combat.

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Avatar Skycaptin5 Anthem Javelin Exosuit: Colossus

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner