Fallout 4: Season Pass Review: It was Average

The Fallout 4 Season Pass has now concluded and I thought I'd put together a bit of a review going over what was available in this package and the experiences around the Fallout 4 DLC. This particular review will not be given a score and written more in terms of an opinion piece as I've already covered individual packs somewhat similar to how we handle episodic seasons.

The pass originally started out as a smaller set of DLC, but was later announced to be larger in size. After its final release the season pass includes six DLC packs including three story and three Workshop expansions. While it may sound like there's a lot of content, I found it to be a bit less than previous Fallout titles yet more well rounded. First off I'll go over the Workshop packs as they're smaller and aimed to expand the new Settlement mode that's been a big hit with Fallout 4.

The first pack was Wasteland Workshop (our score was 7.5/10) and this pack added in some new Settlement options along with the ability to trap creatures. While this was neat I could see PC players already modding something similar, but for consoles this nice. The second pack was the Contraptions Workshop (our score was 5.5/10) which brought in a selection of items to build with and factory type equipment.

None of it was particularly useful and honestly if you have mod access there are other options present for most of these. The final pack was actually decent adding a bit of story in the Wasteland Workshop (our score was 8.4/10). The main draw for this pack was that you actually get to build and run your own vault, which is awesome. It has a number of systems available to set up experiments and being such a big part of the lore this was a nice touch.
Fallout 4: Season Pass Review: It was Average
For this next session I'll be going over each of the story related packs and then my overall thoughts on this season pass. The first up was the actual first DLC for Fallout 4 being Automatron (our score was 6.2/10) that gave us a short difficult story and some extra items for Settlements. It really wasn't anything special side from providing us with some neat robot creation tools. The second story related pack actually provided a decent tale, an interesting island to explore and just somewhere new to go with Far Harbor (our score was 7.2/10).

I did find this experience to be alright with a nice setting and a decent story, it was just held back by issues such as the awful memory section of the DLC. The final expansion that I found seriously stellar was Nuka World (our score was 9.2/10) where you get to travel to the game's popular soft drink's national amusement park. The place is absolutely massive featuring a huge area to explore with multiple amusement themed sections, but just a slightly weaker story.

It really was an average season pass for Fallout 4 and while I didn't enjoy exploring the various sections I felt there could have been more done. The final Nuka World pack was the stand out for me in the pack and if you don't want everything that's a must have for this game. The Workshop packs really aren't at all needed for PC players and even console players can honestly go without unless you really want to run some Vault tests, that's the only one I would suggest.

As far as the story content I would suggest Far Harbor as it was decent with a new land mass to explore and well done plot choices. It's just held back by an awful puzzle area and a somewhat typical story that feels too much like the main story. For fans of the series it was a decent season pass, but for the more casual players you would be fine skipping it all together aside from Nuka World as that place is unbelievably awesome.

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Fallout 4: Season Pass Review: It was Average

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner