Gears 5 Multiplayer Maps

August 30, 2019 at 6:59pm
By Jason Stettner

The Gears 5 multiplayer experience will feature a large roster of maps to play on. These levels will rotate across playlists and game types. Any additional DLC maps will be added to the list and it’s worth noting that they will all be free to acquire. That’s right, there’s no need to purchase the maps and they can be played online or in private matches at no extra cost.

The roster of maps can be found below, they will be noted if remastered and left plain if they’re fresh for this particular entry in the franchise. There’s a focus on fresh perspectives, and enhanced combat with this latest release within the series.
Gears 5 Multiplayer
The Gears 5 Multiplayer Maps List
-Parts of an asylum from the old world have been deconstructed to make way for a busy New COG transit line. The outer grounds of the facility lead to a number of chokepoints alongside its recently installed tracks, where the trains always run on time.

-This fiercely contested bunker from the Pendulum Wars was built to mount an unbreakable defense. Now, those fighting today can relive the glory of taking this battleground for themselves.

-The stranded made use of this pumping station as a fort against the Locust. Now abandoned, the raised center platform contains tight, close fights while the pumping station offers strong long range support positions.

-Located in a new COG settlement, District is an urban map with tight lanes and close-range combat that demands strong team coordination to capture hills and eliminate your opponents.

-“Denizens of the Hollow” is the latest addition to the winding halls of Settlement 2’s Natural History Museum. Visitors at night should take care around the museum’s laser security system, which protects it most valuable exhibits.

-Once a critical arm of the COG’s steel industry, this facility is now buried under a layer of sand. The inclinator can be activated from the control tower. Obliterating anything caught inside.

-New COG settlements are built outwards, radiating from a central hub. This construction site features three lanes heavily defining the fight. The lower machine room offers protection from the opposing upper walkway.

-Large COG container ships weather the storms of Sera to bring supplies into harbors like this. The tug boat provides strong visibility over the dock and offices.

-Built in the remains of the Riftworm, this Outsider trading post endures a harsh winter and frequent attacks from the Swarm. Opposing towers overlook part of a frozen lake that becomes deadly if the ice breaks.

-Nature has begun to retake this recently abandoned farm. The barn in the center of the map protects defenders from the high ground of the balcony.

Training Grounds
-A high-tech battleground established outside the legendary House of Sovereigns, Training Grounds concentrates the action around elevated defensive positions overlooking both center lanes.

-The majesty of this Vasgari airport has slowly faded since the end of the Pendulum Wars. A crate of sandglass erupts outward from the center, forming a natural arena crucial to controlling this sandswept relic.

That’s the list of maps in the game, check out our hub for additional coverage of the franchise and this particular fifth entry.

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