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Drake Hollow Gameplay

Drake Hollow is the latest game from the Molasses Flood. This is a survival game with a focus on camp building. You’ll be protecting this group of creatures and trying to help them grow. This will take time, crystals and your protection. You’ll be scavenging from various mist separated islands in order to find supplies and other hidden secrets.

The base you build will be dynamic across various tiers of items, with the need to defend it from raids and other harrowing situations. There are many monsters out there, and these creatures really do need a hand against those issues.

You’ll work through a few seasons in an experience backed by a narrative that’s lightly showcased throughout the journey of protecting and carry for these smaller critters. This can be played alone, or in four player coop if you’d like to interact with others across this journey. It launched on Xbox One as Xbox Game Pass title with other platforms being added later.