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Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough

Walkthrough Part 8: Operation Franchise Force and Bombshells in this series of cross-over squads doing separate missions. This is part of the intense agents and team based game where you swap a diverse cast of characters on the fly. It's got the charm of Saints Row mixed with a super serious plot against Legion.

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Agents of Mayhem is the latest in the Saints Row series from Volition that provides an alternate universe. As a group of three rotating agents you attempt to blast away enemies across an open world Seoul. It’s a blast to play with lots of large explosions with the game releasing August 15, 2017 available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. It’s a single player game featuring a lengthy story with side missions and operatives to unlock. This video has me do two group based missions of operation Franchise Force and Operation Bombshells, it’s like two Avengers/Defenders team-ups. There are some review type aspects commented on while playing in this walkthrough part of the game with a full look at this new game from the developer Volition and published Deep Silver which I heavily suggest checking out.