Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Abomination Boss Fight Guide

Release Date: May 26 2020
Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Mojang

In Minecraft Dungeons, the dungeon crawler spin-off entry in the franchise there are a number of bosses to battle. In the “Jungle Awakens” DLC expansion, there’s a large scale enemy to tackle at the end of the “Overgrown Temple” level. This is the loud growls you’ll here while you’re progressing along and trying to survive. This is an interesting extra for the game, with full details on how to deal with the foe at the bottom. Good luck out there when you’re looting, and playing with others.

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Review Score: 8.5/10
Install Size: 2.54 GB
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Jungle Abomination Boss Fight Guide
As mentioned, this is located right near the end of the Overgrown Temple level. This is where you’ll face off against the massive monster you’ve been hearing throughout the expansion missions. It’s actually a fairly easy monster to take on, and as always I do suggest unleashing arrows if you’ve been storing them. I will also mention that this can be found in the video below at 32:05 if you need a visual guide to assist.

With this Jungle Abomination, it’s very easy to tackle. The just of it is this monster walking around slowly and then slamming against the ground. When it does this, walk behind it and start slashing. There will be some secondary enemies, with only the second tier larger plant foes being a real problem when they appear.

If you do have some projectile options, I would suggest firing those as often as possible. I used a combination of arrows, a fireworks arrow and a corrupted beacon for some quick, good damage. You really don’t need those however, just wait for the slam against the ground and walk behind it.

It doesn’t move very quickly, with minimal attack options. Just take your time, move around it and don’t be afraid to get those hits in. This does take a lot of damage, so it might take awhile in order to finish it off. Again, pace yourself and use any side abilities that you might have handy. Just watch for the fist slam’s area damage, and try your best not to get trapped by the secondary enemies.

I will note to watch for spikes that appear around the halfway point, but they really don’t do much damage to you. I will also note to be careful after defeating this boss, since another pile of enemies await you beyond it prior to being able to finish it. I hope you found this helpful, remember the video is below if you need some additional visual assistance.