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Movie Award Nominations 2017

Welcome to the first annual Gamerheadquarters Movie Awards where we kick things off with our nominations. These include multiple categories in film featuring the best titles of the year. They cover a variety of genres and showcase the movies we most enjoyed in the various selections. The final awards area of the site will go live on January 17, 2018 featuring the winners for this year. Check out the nominations below and be sure to share around!

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Best Picture
-Bladerunner 2049, Lady Bird, Dunkirk, Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Logan

Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Best Actor
Kenneth Branagh (Murder on the Orient Express)
James McAvoy (Split
Mark Hamill (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)
Hugh Jackman (Logan)
Ryan Gosling (Blade Runner 2049)

Best Actress
Seo-Hyeon Ahn (Okja)
Dafne Keen (Logan)
Charlize Theron (Atomic Blonde)
Saoirse Ronan (Lady Bird)

Best Special Effects
-Bladerunner 2049, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, Ghost in the Shell

Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets
Ghost in the Shell

Best Cinematography
-Bladerunner 2049, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Dunkirk, Murder on the Orient Express, Wonder Woman

Blade Runner 2049
Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Murder on the Orient Express
Wonder Woman

Best Animated
-LEGO Batman Movie, Cars, Coco

The LEGO Batman Movie
Cars 3

Best Comedy
-The Disaster Artist, Thor: Ragnarok, The LEGO Batman Movie, Happy Death Day, The Big Sick

Thor Ragnarok
The LEGO Batman Movie
Happy Death Day
The Big Sick

Best Action / Adventure
-John Wick: Chapter 2, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Baby Driver, Atomic Blonde

John Wick: Chapter 2
Kingsman: The Golden Circle
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter
Baby Driver
Atomic Blonde

Best Horror
-It, Get Out, Split, Annabelle: Creation

Get Out
Annabelle: Creation

Best Indie
-Everfall, Mayhem, Bad Match, Dave Made a Maze

Mayhem Movie
Bad Match Movie
Dave Made a Maze

Gamerheadquarters Reviewer Jason Stettner
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